Thursday Transient: Breton
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 02 February 2012 18:07
Music - Transient Jukebox

Right then. It's our first post with our new friends here at Scene B Seen, and being as this is a fashion blog dabbling in music we thought our first post should be a crew of filmmakers who also dabble in music. That crew is Breton - a group originally founded as a British film collective now living a second life as a band.

Their back breaking brand of electronica will be a solace to anyone who's felt the void since James Murphy's musical departure. But the aesthetic here is more shattered than slick — bringing crunched samples and grizzly bass to their dancefloor mix. Never is this more true than on their track ‘Sandpaper’ which may already be a 2012 'Best Of'.

Sandpaper by bretonlabs


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